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I'm Nikita Arora, a designer with a heart for healthcare, in a world where healthcare complexities are ever-growing.

In my design philosophy, research and practice intertwine to redefine healthcare experiences. I approach each challenge with a blend of creative intuition and analytical rigor, aiming to create solutions that not only resolve functional needs but also resonate emotionally with all users.

My goal is to infuse systemic change in healthcare organisations through design. I enjoy unravelling complex challenges and thrive in chaotic environments. I craft simple and elegant solutions that ensure superior user experience, improve clinical outcomes and lend comfort, efficiency and empowerment to patients & healthcare professionals alike.

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I believe great design can solve problems, improve lives and make a positive difference to the world around us and due to its nature, it lies at the intersection of various domains, this brings with it a great responsibility and an even greater challenge. I have come to understand this better through my experiences working with diverse teams through my professional & academic pursuits. 

TU Delft, Netherlands

Strategic Product Design - Medisign


National Institute of Design, India

Strategic Product Design - Medisign


Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

Erasmus exchange - Product Design


Looking ahead, I aspire to be a catalyst for change in healthcare, leveraging design to create systems and spaces that not only meet today’s needs but also anticipate and shape tomorrow's healthcare landscape.

I believe the future of healthcare entails an inevitable foray into digital solutions powered by AI, creating omni-channel experiences in healthcare and Designing for the local healthcare environments.

In my free time I like to play table tennis, click photographs, stitch or watch documentaries or animated films.

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