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Design Strategy to improve access to healthcare with Rode Kruis

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Technical University Delft


Nikita Arora

Yulia Brisson

Brechtje Krijvenaar

Karlijn Sanders

Sam Warmer




Rode Kruis

Our brief was to design a strategy that would address the gap in healthcare assistance provided my the Red Cross to different categories of Vulnerable People in Need (VPN)

Research & Ideation

The complexity of the Dutch medical system and the lack of support and assistance in temporary facilities were identified as major obstacles. Additionally, the interviews with experts revealed flaws in the system, such as a lack of communication between organizations and the postcode treatment system.


Classification of different Vulnerable People in Need (VPN)

Some of the causes of bad access to care include an overloaded care system, labor shortages and rising absenteeism in the healthcare sector, and budget pressures.

Additionally, the lack of translators, available information in multiple languages, and cultural sensitivity in the provision of care create barriers for vulnerable groups.


Red Cross_Insights.png

Insights gathered from SWAT, DEEPEST analysis along with interviews with stakeholders

Based on our analysis, we created a strategic roadmap spanning 4 years to help them improve the way they provide access to healthcare to these VPN. This was split further into 3 horizons to help them systematically yet rapidly transition to a more accessible organisation, leveraging their trustworthiness and reliability.

Strategic Roadmap for Rode Kruis

A key intervention we proposed was the development of a universal web app that serves as a one-stop solution for all stakeholders involved: users, volunteers, and employees. The app will allow users to request information from the Red Cross, volunteers, to manage their engagement with the various organizations, and it will help the employees to access relevant information.

Walkthrough of a sample interaction on the WebApp

Given my extensive experience with FIGMA, I took up the task of designing a quick mock-up of the the WebApp, built on the insights we gathered during the project and the client feedback. 

The final strategy for Red Cross was presented at the Rode Kruis HQ in Den Haag

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