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Need finding at a hospital

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A deep dive into the healthcare systems surrounding patients with spine and orthopedic conditions based out of one of the most renowned spine hospitals in Asia.



Indian Spinal Injury Centre

Delhi, India

Aditya Shukla (Engineer)

Amar Singh (Physiotherapist)

Nikita Arora (Product Designer)


Dr. Prashant Jha

Dr. HS Chhabra



This giga-map shows the function and relationship between the most important departments of the hospital. This was developed after visits to multiple hospitals & therapy centres in Delhi.

A better understanding of our stakeholders helped us prioritise our insights for each context of use. 


The Process

We started by familiarizing ourselves with the hospital environment. This involved visits to the operation theaters, rehabilitation centres, wards and shadowing doctors during differential diagnosis. We went further to strengthen our insights through primary and secondary research and data collection. 
During the design phase we made sure to go back to our different stakeholders for feedback.


Concepts were developed using devices currently in use and then modifications were made to it.

Frame 772_edited.jpg

Glimpses of our journey

Regular interactions with all stakeholders, hands-on experiences with the products in question, quick & dirty prototyping helped us troubleshoot our pain points faster. 


Is off-loading truly taking place?

Mapping the results of studies being conducted to find efficacy of current weight-bearing devices.

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