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Product development

A self-initiated project aimed at understanding the life of a stroke patient and create an assistive device to help them perform basic day to day activities to make them more independent.



Dr. Gita Handa (AIIMS, Delhi)

Dr. Krishnesh Mehta (NID)

Praveen Nahar

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi



I began by understanding what a stroke is, how it takes place and the long term effects associated with it. This was done at RML Hospital, Delhi & AIIMS, Delhi

Further I had to understand the normal bio-mechanics of the human hand and how it changes. This was done by scouring through research papers, observation based sketching & patient interactions.

The story of stroke

This illustrates a comparison between the ideal and true journey of a stroke patient's care pathway from the moment of attack through the rehabilitation stage and full recovery.

Story of Stroke-01.jpg
Story of Stroke-03.jpg

Functional Proto

The final testing was done with Saawan to refine the usability aspects of the concept. The next step is to locate some teams that can help take this concept forward and make it more tangible.

sawan changed_2-01_edited.jpg

Saawan in use

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