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Interaction design, Programming 

As part of a two week multi-disciplinary, experimental course on technical studies held at NID, we explored the theme of connection. Our context was to create an engaging installation for a heterogeneous mixture of communities residing near Conflictorium museum in Ahmedabad and our tool was Arduino. 


Jon Rogers


Ishita Jain

Nikita Arora

Salil Parekh

Uthhist Varanasi



While out initial intention was to display our projects in a gallery,The Conflictorium, in Ahmedabad,

two days before the display we were informed that we were going to be taking our projects to the streets in front of the gallery!

We were going to be showcasing our projects to the community in the Mirzapur area of Ahmedabad during the afternoon, which meant no lights, no videos but something much more grand or engaging.

Coloured_Bulbule edit.png

The idea

Our biggest insight after visiting the pols was the sense of togetherness and belonging in the communities living there, which is often lost in our modern, current day to day lives.

Taking from the idea of the connected communities, we wanted to try to bring back a sense of connect between people through our project. 

Initially, it took some time to get all the kids to understand how this machine works, but once they figured out that the key to an endless supply of bubbles was simply holding their hands, they let go of their inhibitions and really mixed up with a common goal to have some fun!


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